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About Akomar
First class

Friendly and fraternal, open and candid, good-humored, hospitable, casual: these are keywords for Akomar. Our involvement in our clients extends far beyond a box of chocolates at Christmas or a handful of how-tos during the year. We really know most of our customers, the business and the people behind it. We don't see clients as customers, but rather as good neighbors.

Unique approach

In today’s world, the focus often revolves around efficiency, optimization, and technology, all of which are undeniably crucial aspects. Our world is becoming increasingly complex, this requires diverse expertise and experience and well-integrated, future-proof systems - all of which Akomar possesses.

Certainly, the major forwarders appear enticing with their virtual assistants and sophisticated customer portals. However, it remains accurate that these larger entities often adhere to extensive standardization, resulting in high efficiency but limited flexibility, let alone a personalized touch.

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Impact & attention

And here lies the challenge. Because international trade needs forwarders who make solid transport flexible. That requires impact and attention. Akomar combines broad up-to-date professional knowledge with a deep interest in its customers. Truth be told, our ‘personal approach’ sets us apart from other companies.

Beyond formalities 

Akomar is modern, knowledgeable and exceptionally professional, but not corporate. It may sound unconventional, but we steer clear of traditional "relationship management" because it feels too distant, automated, and lacks sincerity. We don't adhere to the concept of 'business personal.' Instead, we opt for genuinely getting to know our clients – understanding not only their business but also, and especially, the individuals behind it. At the heart of our approach is the belief that more collaboration at a deeper level leads to better results. We go beyond the formalities because we genuinely care about our work and the relationships we build with our clients.

Why Akomar is not - and never wants to be - like the big boys


"The big players talk a lot about efficiency, optimization, and technology. Indeed, in the digital realm, they truly steal the show with virtual assistants, sleek customer portals, and applications.

At these giants, everything is standardized. Efficient it may be, but not flexible. Whereas in the past you could negotiate over the phone, now they don't even have a phone number anymore. Booking requires almost being an IT expert.

We also have efficient business processes and solid IT-systems. The major difference: for us, this is merely the foundation. We build upon it with deep expertise, decades of experience, and a touch of creativity.

We have always resisted significant growth. Akomar is large enough for strength and specialized knowledge. And small enough to give customers the attention and flexibility they deserve."

- Arjan Kruis, Director and Founder of Akomar