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In the jungle of customs procedures and import- and export regulations, the path to success lies in comprehensive knowledge, unparalleled precision, and the implementation of the correct administrative processes and tools. As an experienced freight forwarder, Akomar takes as much work as possible out of your hands and advises you extensively on everything you need to know and do.

Navigating the compliance quirks

Customs and tax regulations (such as import levies and export regulations), clearance and clearance procedures, safety regulations, required documents such as bills of lading, commercial invoices and certificates of origin, trade embargoes and sanctions, commodity codes, rules for dangerous goods... Every missing or misplaced piece of the puzzle can have major consequences. From delays and fines to seizure of goods and even import and export bans.

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In the right hands

Since 1988, we have been dealing with all regulations concerning import and export on a daily basis. Thanks, among other things, to courses provided by the Fenex trade association, Akomar's staff are always up to date with changed regulations and relevant developments. We also have an in-house customs agent, i.e. a certified declarant with considerable expertise in all relevant customs matters.

Digital document management

Thanks to Scope, the digital engine under our company, many document-related processes are digitized and automated. For example, the creation, management and sharing of transport documents runs automatically and electronic documents are easily exchanged with customers and customs. Useful for both Akomar and our customers: all documents are stored in one central location. A link to the DMS system of customs allows us to submit customs documents directly and always have insight into the status of customs requests.  

AEO license as quality label for customs

For more than a decade, Akomar has been an "authorized economic operator" (AEO). This is like a quality stamp we have received from customs. Because we are an authorized economic operator, customs considers us a safe and reliable international trading partner. In addition, the authorization provides a number of interesting benefits in customs matters. For example, as an AEO we are checked less often, and certain procedures are simpler for us (from an administrative point of view). Our customers benefit from this: we can offer more competitive rates and there is less chance of delays due to customs issues.

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Akomar is an experienced player in forwarding. We have worked with many of our customers for decades, but we are just as happy to help a local company that wants to ship a single pallet. Global coverage through a vast agent network: check. IT systems that ensure seamless and efficient logistics and administrative processes: check.

Through our three pillars of excellence – expertise, experience, and reliable shipping partnerships – we redefine our customer relationships. We don't perceive them merely as clients, but rather as companions on a shared journey. As allies with a genuine interest, our focus lies in providing unburdening support.