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Sponsoring & charities
Our contribution to an enhanced society

Sport as a playing field for social enrichment

Sport is something we hold dear to our hearts. Besides it being good for our physical condition, it also acts as a natural social lubricant. No sports club can do without sponsors. For years, we have therefore been the main sponsor of the Ridderkerk korfball club KCR. In addition, we donate to a handful of other local sports clubs.

For a number of years we have been a subsponsor of the professional soccer club Heracles Almelo. Sure, this is a little further from our home base. The idea goes back to Akomar founder Arjan Kruis. He wanted to give something back to this region, since he has a holiday home there. Now Heracles has also embraced Akomar: the club enthusiastically welcomes us as a sponsor from 'outside' the region and does its best to link us to entrepreneurs in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

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Other charities we sponsor

Society is broader than just sports. As a UNICEF Business Buddie, we help fund projects around health, education, and the protection of children worldwide. Moreover, on a non-fixed basis, we also donate to numerous associations and initiatives, from choirs to youth camps.

The more personal the commitment, the better

We’re always on alert for charitable organizations or events. Akomar's contribution does not always consist solely of money. The more personal the commitment, the better. For example, director Arjan Kruis sang his favorite song The Wild Rover by The Dubliners during the event "Zing je Schor". In doing so, he managed to raise a whopping 18,000 euros, part of which was donated by Akomar itself. The proceeds of this annual event go to Familiehuis Daniel den Hoed, where relatives of cancer patients can stay because of their loved ones treatments in the adjacent Erasmus MC Cancer Institute.