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Expedition Akomar
Stronger with
steady partners 

Craftsmanship through partnership

Artificial intelligence and other digital technologies, globalization, sustainability of all modes of transport... The world of freight forwarding is changing at a rapid pace. Good cooperation with suppliers is key for us. Not only to open doors at other links in the logistics chain, such as shipping companies and railroad companies. But also, to unlock greater efficiency, flexibility and resilience. Akomar's - often long-term - partnerships with suppliers are therefore the building blocks for our forwarding craftsmanship.

Partners with a lot of past and future

Since we started in 1988, we have organically developed a large partner network both at home and abroad. We have been working with many of these partners for decades. As a result, we know exactly what to expect from them and half a word is enough. Their core may be different, but the overlap with Akomar is large. Like us, they know the logistics world inside out and combine speed and efficiency with quality and care.

Even so, there are also a lot of newcomers in our partner pool. The cooperation may go back, for example, to a customer's request to work with this party on a project. Or to our own online expedition to find a particular service. How a partnership comes about is of no concern to us. A potential partner must simply - at a minimum - possess the same level of professionalism as we do. 

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Want to be partner of Akomar?

Clear requirements

What do we want and what definitely not? Our employees are always very clear about our requirements, which are the result of both our own standards and customer wishes. Does a supplier fail to meet a requirement because of a mistake? That’s possible, of course. But if it occurs, we like to be open about it, so we can pick up the phone to inform our customers. If this happens more often, we'll talk to the supplier. A pattern of errors can unfortunately be reason to pull the plug on the cooperation.

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ISO as a starting point

Akomar is ISO 9001 certified, which places demands on our collaborations. For example, we must regularly evaluate the performance of suppliers, investigate to what extent they minimize risks, communicate clearly with them to keep transparency and efficiency within the cooperation at a top level at all times, and share information about suppliers with colleagues.