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The services of Akomar
in forwarding 

Unique is not our range of services,
but our service provision

Our services are truly distinctive. We see customers as project partners and we take a deep interest in the organizations we work with and - especially - the people behind them. The services we offer are common in the market, but how we offer them? That is one of a kind.

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Freight Forwarding

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Customs & documents

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Ro / Ro services

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Project Forwarding

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Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding is the basis of our services: as a freight forwarder we organize and coordinate the transport of goods and all related logistical and administrative aspects. With groupage cargo (also often called 'LCL'), your cargo is combined with that of other shippers within one container. We have significant expertise on the area of transporting dangerous goods.

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Customs & documents

A range of procedures, regulations, customs and tax rules, which also differ from country to country: importing and exporting is an administrative jungle. As an experienced forwarder, we take care of the customs and documentation work for you and provide you with extensive advice throughout the process. Our declarant is a specialist in handling customs formalities and procedures and is certified to manage customs declarations and transactions.

Ro-Ro shipment & services

Cars, trucks, industrial vehicles and even giant parts or products on wheeled undercarriages: Akomar can arrange roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) transportation for all these vehicles. Thanks to decades of experience in this business, our customers now benefit from excellent advice, efficient processes, and smart cost savings. Upon request, our Ro-Ro specialists can even advise and supervise on-site.

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Project forwarding

Is the cargo for an industrial or construction project particularly large, heavy, or complex? Under the banner of project forwarding, Akomar can expedite the transport. In addition, we often help with engineering, think feasibility studies, stowage plans, calculations, and the technical realization of loading preparations (such as steel plate welding).


Airfreight is fast, reliable and flexible. Akomar has a global network, which means we can have your goods delivered anywhere in the world within 48 hours. For most of our customers, airfreight is an emergency resort for when sea freight takes too long. Due to a supply chain disruption, for example. This has been one of the reasons we have exported many chemicals by air for many years.

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Professional yet approachable 

In almost forty years, Akomar has grown big in customer focus and efficiency by deliberately staying small as an organization. We have enough clout and expertise; at the same time, as a medium-sized forwarder, we can offer ultimate flexibility and an almost collaborative approach. Among our (let's say) twenty employees are a couple of forwarding veterans who have been around for decades and therefore have an oceans of knowledge about, for example, Ro-Ro or dangerous goods. Next to them is our younger generation: expedition talents who take the lead in innovation and digitalization.