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In our rapidly globalizing world, freight forwarding is a key pillar. Forwarding is not just about transporting, it is also navigating through a labyrinth of rules, customs procedures, modes and logistical challenges. In the great sea of forwarding, Akomar is always a trusted choice for import and export.

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is the common thread through our services. As a freight forwarder, we help companies transport goods. Not only do we arrange the transport itself, we also organize and coordinate the associated logistical and administrative aspects. What do we transport? That doesn't matter. For whom? Doesn’t matter either. Although we mainly have small and medium-sized companies as customers, we have some multinationals as well.

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Groupage cargo

A significant part of our forwarding work involves groupage cargo, both less than container load (LCL) and less than truckload (LTL). Previously, Akomar forwarded huge volumes to - mainly - countries in the Middle East, such as Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. Today, the volumes are somewhat more evenly distributed geographically. 

Full Container Load (FCL)

Discover the benefits of Full Container Load (FCL) shipments for import & export. With FCL, you have an entire container exclusively available for all your goods, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety. At Akomar, we ensure seamless handling of all your FCL shipments, with a worldwide network of reliable partners and logistics support.

Incredible freight deliveries

Chemicals, poultry processing machines, a control unit for an oil or gas field of 22 meters long and 5 meters wide, hundreds of thousands or even millions of ordinary 20-foot shipping containers... In almost four decades, we have shipped a huge number of (different) products. To all corners of the world, in an efficient and reliable way with our client on our shoulder.

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Shipping of dangerous goods

Within shipping dangerous goods, Akomar is a well-known player. Logically, transporting flammable, toxic, explosive or radioactive materials, for example, entails additional risks - and thus additional regulations (including ADR). Our specialists quickly understand the situation and, on the basis of the Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD), consider safety with carriers.

Member of the Apollo Cargo Experts 

As a member of the Apollo Cargo Experts agent network, Akomar not only benefits from an extensive global network but also provides significant advantages for our customers. By being part of this international logistics network, we have access to a wide range of resources, expertise, and partners worldwide. This enables us to offer our customers an even broader range of services, including more routes, flexible shipping options, and improved transit times. Additionally, we can leverage shared knowledge and best practices, leading to more efficient processes and enhanced service quality.

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Akomar is an experienced player in forwarding. We have worked with many of our customers for decades, but we are just as happy to help a local company that wants to ship a single pallet. Global coverage through a vast agent network: check. IT systems that ensure seamless and efficient logistics and administrative processes: check.

Through our three pillars of excellence – expertise, experience, and reliable shipping partnerships – we redefine our customer relationships. We don't perceive them merely as clients, but rather as companions on a shared journey. As allies with a genuine interest, our focus lies in providing unburdening support.