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Advanced IT landscape

In logistics and digital terms, the world is becoming increasingly connected and faster. Akomar has an up-to-date and advanced IT landscape, with the Scope TMS system at its core. Not only is the high level of digitalization convenient for us, but also for our customers. After all, they benefit from a broad service, faster shipments and processes, higher service, less (manual) administration and more insight. Who wouldn't want that?

How our customers benefit

Akomar's high level of digitization also offers many advantages for our customers. For example:

1.   Faster processes and better service

We have accelerated and simplified many logistics and administrative processes thanks to digital solutions. Examples include booking shipments, invoicing and customs formalities. For our customers, this results in fewer administrative actions, lower costs and fewer errors.

2.   Track & trace

Where is my shipment now? And when will it arrive at the next port or final destination? This knowledge is crucial because you might need to respond or foresee potential delays or alterations. Akomar offers track & trace: every booking confirmation includes a link, which allows customers to check the status, location and ETA of shipments, among other things. The information is based on data about carriers, ships, shipping schedules and ports. The company behind this data tracks hundreds of thousands of containers worldwide for this purpose.

3.   React and anticipate thanks to data

The saying goes, "Data is the new gold," and this holds true in logistics as well. Both ourselves and, to a slightly lesser extent, our customers have access to a wealth of relevant data, sourced from carriers, customs authorities, ports, and software platforms. This data is not only the basis for faster and simpler processes. It is also the source for insights. And with those insights in their pockets, our customers can react to and anticipate on changes.

4.   Simple document management

(Electronic) documentation such as freight and customs documents play an important role in freight forwarding. With Scope - and the systems with which this platform is integrated - document management is simple for Akomar and for our customers. All relevant documents are together and can easily be exchanged (automatically) with other parties, such as carriers or customs.

5.   Sustainability

Digitization leads to more sustainable practices in several ways. Thanks to solutions in in route optimization and smart matching of supply and demand, fewer transport kilometers are needed and the number of (partially) empty containers and means of transport are reduced. Digitalization also reduces paper consumption.

6.   Complying with laws and regulations

The smart software we use helps both our clients and ourselves to be compliant with customs legislation, safety regulations, environmental legislation and privacy laws.

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Scope: the digital engine 

Akomar is known for its personal approach, direct contact and thorough guidance. As a freight forwarder these days, you can hide your entire service offering behind customer portals and automated chatbots. That’s not our style. Although, we are fully up to date on the digital advancements. The digital engine under our forwarding skills is Scope: one of the biggest and best players in this market.

This first-class transport management system (TMS) supports us for various modes and in almost all processes, from booking to invoicing. "Digitalization and automation are well known to us. We've been at it since the dawn of our existence."

Integration with Portbase

The ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam (among others) use the port community system (PCS) Portbase. Thanks to this platform, various parties involved, such as the port itself, carriers, governments, and forwarders, can cooperate efficiently and safely.

The integration with Portbase allows us to easily register containers, for example. Especially in terms of customs processes, the link has a lot of advantages. We are directly connected to the customs document management system (DMS) and can therefore submit customs documents directly. Thanks to the automatic exchange of information, we also always know the status of customs requests.