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Sustainability at Akomar
The road to

Responsibility for sustainability

Over the past three or four decades, the world has globalized at an insanely fast pace, with container transport being the biggest ship-maker. Globalization has brought a lot to humanity, but is going to cost our planet more and more. The logistics sector is responsible for a significant portion of emissions. And so, we also bear a significant responsibility to become more sustainable.

Fewer empty means of transport and containers

Half-full cargo planes, sea containers that are repositioned empty: it's a terrible waste. Thanks in part to software, the transport sector can ensure maximum loading of means of transport and containers. For example, by co-loading, or combining loads from different shippers in one container or means of transport. Online platforms help to bring supply and demand together.

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Better for the environment and finances

Luckily, the most sustainable choice is often also the most economical option for our customers. Fewer transport kilometers logically lead to lower costs. Also, the costs and emissions of air freight are relatively high. We're delighted to assist in considering sustainable transport options, though ultimately, the final decision rests with our customers.

Sustainable logistics

As a medium-sized forwarder in the Rotterdam region, the impact of Akomar's greening initiatives is unfortunately relatively small. This does not alter the fact that we are putting our best foot forward for sustainable business:

1.   The most efficient means of transport

Ships and trains are generally much more efficient than trucks and airplanes in terms of CO2 emissions per ton-kilometer. In consultation with our customers, we always look for the most economical mode of transport for a route.

2.   Reducing transport kilometers

Fewer transport kilometers obviously means fewer emissions. Akomar always investigates whether there are smart solutions to minimize this number. And sometimes that requires some logistical creativity.

3.   Suppliers

How do suppliers deal with sustainability? This is becoming a more important factor for us every day. Not only when selecting partners such as truck carriers, shipping companies, airlines and railroad companies, but also when cooperating with them. In the latter case, we explore, for example: how can we jointly minimize transport kilometers and prevent empty means of transport?

The green way up has also started internally

In our journey towards a green future, Akomar is continuously thinking about making our own operations more sustainable. For example, we have renewed part of our fleet with electric cars, we work paperless where possible and we try to keep our waste volume minimal. These are small steps with which we have started the green way up. Gradually, mile by mile, we are approaching our sustainability destination.