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Quality as
the highest priority

While Akomar's corporate philosophy exudes amiability and comradeship, we maintain a constant and unwavering commitment to professionality. This is especially evident in our dedication to quality; a crucial aspect that supports our customer-centric approach. Striving to meet the most stringent quality standards, our success is attested by our ISO certificate and AEO license. As members of the industry organization Fenex, we stay at the forefront, ensuring prompt access to the latest information and developments.

ISO as proof of quality and reliability

Since 1996, we have held the ISO 9001 certificate. In practical terms, this means our services adhere to the highest international quality standards. Drawing from past results, we can, with a high degree of certainty, promise customers that Akomar will in the (near) future:

  1. Offer a consistently high level of quality and reliability.
  2. Continuously monitor and improve all processes, including through feedback and suggestions from our employees.
  3. Actively detects risks in the chain and intelligently anticipates or responds to them.
  4. Not only rely on our experience and intuition, but that we base decisions as much as possible on data analysis.
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AEO: Akomar as a trusted customs partner

We have held the AEO license since 2012, meaning that we are an ‘authorized economic’ operator. In other words, customs see us as a safe and reliable partner within international trade. As an authorized economic operator, we - and thus our customers - also benefit from faster and simpler customs procedures. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in most other European countries. 

The AEO license also means that we meet strict standards in areas such as security, accounting and compliance with laws and regulations. At times, this involves thorough investigations. For example, we must investigate whether all amounts of the original purchase invoices are (or were at the time) in line with the market.

Always up to date thanks to Fenex

Akomar is a member of Fenex, the Dutch trade association for forwarding companies and logistics service providers. Thanks to the website and newsletters, we are always up to date with the latest news and developments in areas such as regulations, innovation, sustainability, market trends and events. Last but not least; our employees regularly attend Fenex training and courses so that they can broaden and deepen their knowledge.