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Ro-Ro shipments & services
Wheels crossing

Roll-on/roll-off: vehicles transported on vessels

We speak of roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) when transporting goods with wheels, which (whether or not based on tracks) can drive themselves on and off the vessel. Obvious examples are of course cars and trucks, but also agricultural machinery, construction equipment, army vehicles and even turbines on a rolling chassis. Akomar has been providing Ro-Ro services since 1988 and has a worldwide network of local agents. 

Shipping vehicles

Planning the most efficient
routes and schedules

Coordinating loading
and unloading

Customs clearance

Storing and transferring
the vehicles

Additional land

Arranging permits
or escort vehicles


Advice and assistance

We advise and assist every customer, including private individuals who want to ship a single car. Our motto: as much advice as possible. Akomar ranks in the top three Ro-Ro shipping companies in terms of both expertise and size. This enables us to provide advice on not only matters such as the best transport methods, optimal transport routes, and customs issues, but also on a wide range of other logistical considerations. We are also delighted to assist in considering factors such as cost control and suitability for shipment via vessel when purchasing new vehicles.

We frequently supplement words with actions. Upon request, we will attend to observe—and most importantly, to collaborate—with you during loading or unloading procedures, for instance.

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Dismantling to reduce costs

Akomar knows every possible rule and practice. A good example: in some countries the import tax for whole vehicles is higher than for parts. The difference can be enormous; we have seen a 20 percent tax for the classification of trucks and a 2 percent for parts.

If a country's import regulations allow it, it may be attractive to disassemble the vehicles before transportation. Of course, this is only smart if the tax benefit outweighs the disassembly and reassembly costs.

Everything for a wrinkle-free Ro-Ro

Ro-Ro has traditionally been one of Akomar's key services. Our pillars:


Flexibility is our second nature. Think of Ro-Ro, for example, in terms of the wide variety of both vehicles we can transport and modes of transport we can deploy. In addition, flexibility stems from our mindset. We don't turn our backs on last-minute changes and no job is turned down because it is too small - not even if the local baker knocks on the door to have his car transported to Spain.


With us, Ro-Ro doesn't stop at transporting goods on wheels. We offer guidance in the process from A to Z. For example, we offer support with documentation, customs clearance and crisis management in case of delays or damage to the cargo. We can also provide on-site advice about loading and unloading practices.


Akomar has a global network of local freight forwarders specialized in Ro-Ro. They know all about local port (operations), transport networks and regulations and ensure that vehicles arrive quickly and smoothly at their final destination.

Personal advice?
We're happy to assist you

Why choose Akomar?

Personal in attention and contact

A fixed contact

We care about what we do

Since 1988

Akomar is an experienced player in forwarding. We have worked with many of our customers for decades, but we are just as happy to help a local company that wants to ship a single pallet. Global coverage through a vast agent network: check. IT systems that ensure seamless and efficient logistics and administrative processes: check.

Through our three pillars of excellence – expertise, experience, and reliable shipping partnerships – we redefine our customer relationships. We don't perceive them merely as clients, but rather as companions on a shared journey. As allies with a genuine interest, our focus lies in providing unburdening support.