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For Akomar it can't be big enough. We take great pleasure in arranging project forwarding within industries such as infrastructure, industry, or construction. This involves goods that are out of gauge (OOG), in other words: too big or heavy for container transport. For example, we forward huge machines, turbines and bridge components, as well as 20-ton anchors and reels with 20-centimeter-thick steel cables. We often also take care of the transport of related items in break bulk (bags, crates, barrels, etc.).

Complexity requires expertise

Over the years, many freight forwarders have added project forwarding to their service portfolio. Facilitating the logistics of special projects is not something you can 'just do'; it requires a lot of expertise and customization. Here you can think of:

  • The size and/or weight of the cargo brings additional requirements.
  • Special equipment is often needed, such as heavy-lift cranes and SPMTs (self-propelled modular transporters).
  • The planning is a lot more complex, for example because other parts or services such as engineering or assembly are required.
  • Often different modes of transport must be used, which must be carefully coordinated.
  • Risk management is (extra) important: due to the size and weight of the equipment, transport is riskier.
  • More onerous environmental requirements may apply.
  • Cost management: due to its size and complexity, this type of transport is expensive. An expert can investigate how to contain costs without adversely affecting safety and speed.
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Big in project forwarding

Akomar has traditionally been big in project forwarding. Some of our employees come from the world of special cargo transportation and/or have decades of project forwarding experience. Plus, we have an extensive network that includes transportation companies, local agents, engineers, and special equipment suppliers.

Transportation engineering 

The logistics of special projects often require engineering. Among other things, Akomar can handle the following technical aspects:

Feasibility study

For example, can a product be transported from the factory to the port? And what is the best way to transport and load a product for maritime transport? These kinds of questions are answered in the feasibility studies we can (and have) perform(ed).

Stowage Plan

The stowage plan includes a detailed approach to stowage, i.e. the efficient and safe loading of cargo into ships.


Prior to the transport of this type of special cargo, the weight of the cargo, the forces that can be released during transport and the carrying capacity of the means of transport must be carefully examined. Engineering logistics includes not only these calculations, but also the use of aids such as heavy-duty straps, chains, cables, hydraulic shock absorbers and custom-made struts and supports.

Realization load preparation

Akomar can arrange technical specialists for, for example, welding block & brace plates, (de)assembling parts and packing, securing, or inspecting the load.

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No project too big or heavy  

Thanks to our experience, expertise and extensive network, no project is too big or too heavy for Akomar. Decades of expediting special projects have yielded numerous special assignments. Take, for example, the plug & play control unit for oil or gas fields measuring 22 meters long and both 5 meters wide and high that we transported through the center of Coevorden to a local terminal. And to the gigantic floaters that were transported from Japan to Dubai, which - to the great satisfaction of our customer - we managed to arrange within one day.

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