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Speed, reliability, flexibility

Within 48 hours, Akomar can get your goods anywhere in the world.
Air freight is not only a very fast, but also a very reliable and flexible mode of transport.

(Customs) documents and certificates 

Transport planning 

Temporary storage
near airports

Inspection and verification of
dangerous goods


From necessity to emergency

For perishable products, air freight is necessary. For most of our customers, air freight is a fallback since sea freight takes too long. For many years we have shipped many chemicals by air because of disruptions in supply chains. Besides chemicals, we ship a lot of project freight, high-value products (such as electronics and jewelry) and pharmaceuticals. But in fact, we can ship anything by air, as long as it fits - in parts or not - on a plane.

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A high-flyer for decades

With near three decades of experience in airfreight, Akomar is an experienced air freight forwarder in the Rotterdam region. We have extensive knowledge of airlines, flight routes, rates, laws and regulations and a worldwide network. Thanks to our experience and customer focus we always find the ideal solution, in close consultation with the customer. For example, a direct flight is faster, but transport via a hub such as Frankfurt, Memphis or Hong Kong can result in lower costs and a smaller ecological footprint.

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We care about what we do

Since 1988

Akomar is an experienced player in forwarding. We have worked with many of our customers for decades, but we are just as happy to help a local company that wants to ship a single pallet. Global coverage through a vast agent network: check. IT systems that ensure seamless and efficient logistics and administrative processes: check.

Through our three pillars of excellence – expertise, experience, and reliable shipping partnerships – we redefine our customer relationships. We don't perceive them merely as clients, but rather as companions on a shared journey. As allies with a genuine interest, our focus lies in providing unburdening support.