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First class easy-going: Akomar's new chapter

"It's an exciting time for all of us here at Akomar. Looking back over the past years, I see a journey that has taken us from our traditional roots with a focus on export to a broader horizon, with an increase on import. We have managed, thanks to a fantastic group of colleagues always ready to serve our valued customers. There is so much to be proud of!"

"But now, it's time for a new phase, which is exactly why we have revised our brand story and refreshed our look and feel, including a brand-new website. Why now, you may ask? Simply because we want to be more than just known in the Rotterdam area. We want more brand awareness here in the Netherlands and perhaps even internationally. A fresh appearance better suits who we are and where we want to go."

"Our new website plays a critical role in this evolution. We understand the importance of a strong online presence that makes a powerful impression on visitors. It's our digital storefront that showcases who we are and what we stand for. It's an invitation to get to know us better, to discover how we operate."


"But what do we hope to achieve with this? Simply put: growth. We are prepared for a new phase in which our goal is to alleviate our customers’ concerns even more effectively. Call it Akomar 2030+. We want to grow bigger, gain more recognition, and add even more value to the relationships we've built and are yet to build. But also, lasting engagement, personal relationships, and an unwavering commitment to delivering first-class service with a laid-back approach. First class easy-going!"

"I look forward to continuing this journey together with all of you." 

Arjan Kruis, Director of Akomar

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