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Navigating the challenges of maritime shipping: the Suez Canal crisis

The ongoing crisis in the Suez Canal is causing significant disruptions to shipping routes today. Both imports and exports are feeling the impact. However, at Akomar, we do not navigate blindly into these unknown waters.  

Challenges arising from the Suez Canal crisis 

  • Alternative Routes: Ships are being rerouted via longer paths such as around the Cape of Good Hope, increasing fuel costs and delivery times. 
  • Delays and Cancellations: The increased pressure and changing conditions lead to inevitable delays and the cancellation of destinations. 
  • Rising Costs: Higher freight rates and insurance premiums are putting cost pressure on shipping companies and their customers.  

Akomar’s solutions  

  • Cost-Efficient Options: We continuously evaluate the market to provide the sharpest options available. By mapping out the additional costs of rerouted paths, we help you find the best option. 
  • Dynamic Route Planning: Using real-time data and smart analysis, we identify the best alternatives that save you time and money. 
  • Risk Management: Our detailed risk analyses ensure that you are always prepared for what lies ahead.  
  • Communication and Customer Service: At Akomar, we stand for openness and honesty. You will therefore remain fully informed, no matter what happens. 
  • Personalized Advice: We offer personalized and proactive advice tailored to your specific needs for each situation. 

We understand that every delay or route change impacts your business. We are here to guide you through these challenging times with future-proof solutions. Together, we will ensure that your deliveries continue to run smoothly and reliably. Our hands-on approach keeps everything moving, even when the usual routes are not an option. 

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