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For nearly two decades, Dutch Farm International has selected Akomar as their indispensable logistics partner for global operations. Maarten van den Broek, active in Dutch Farm International's export division, shares his positive experiences and the pivotal role Akomar plays as an extension of their organization.

A dedicated collaborator
Dutch Farm International stands as a leading figure in the agricultural sector, distributing premium veterinary medicines and animal feeds to over 60 countries worldwide. Akomar manages transportation for Dutch Farm International, with a focus on destinations beyond Europe. Maarten underscores the significance of streamlined communication and personalized support. 

"Our collaboration with Akomar runs smoothly. The team is relatively small but incredibly cohesive. We have a dedicated contact person, Robert-Jan, whom we can always rely on. He possesses an in-depth understanding of Dutch Farm International's logistical intricacies."

Maarten highlights Akomar's dedication, even on weekends. "If Robert-Jan is off-duty, Rody serves as his permanent replacement. This arrangement is communicated clearly. Robert-Jan thoroughly reviews everything to stay up-to-date. We never have to worry about it."

Comprehensive support for new ventures
In the forthcoming period, Dutch Farm International aims for substantial growth, particularly in Africa and the Middle East, with aspirations to extend their reach to nearly 100 countries. Akomar plays a vital role in this endeavor. "Akomar advises us on how to ship efficiently and cost-effectively in these directions, minimizing the entry barriers for new Dutch Farm International clients."

Regarding the collaboration, Maarten commends Akomar's proactive stance and adept problem-solving skills. "Akomar is well-versed in the required documentation and possesses keen insight into every aspect. They consistently exhibit thoughtfulness, flexibility, and a solution-oriented approach. Our clients greatly appreciate the top-tier service they receive."

Steadfast support
"In the realm of logistics, challenges are inevitable. Despite this, Akomar consistently offers their support," Maarten begins. "From identifying solutions to resolving issues, they truly function as close partners who actively engage with us."

"With other logistics firms, managing processes often demands more effort. It seems that larger organizations are less invested. This is exacerbated by frequent changes in contacts or staff turnover. While issues may eventually be resolved, Akomar consistently delivers flawless service." 

Stability amidst market fluctuations
Maarten observes that, unlike other entities, Akomar maintains competitive yet stable pricing over time. "Akomar provides realistic pricing, ensuring minimal rate fluctuations and unexpected surprises. In contrast, other providers often offer short-term rates, leading to unforeseen cost escalations."

Value of personal connections
However, Maarten values more than just professionalism. The "personal touch" holds immense significance. "Even as we expand to new destinations, Akomar remains genuinely enthusiastic. Their excitement stems not only from their expanding business but primarily from our growth. This mutual enthusiasm makes our collaboration truly enjoyable."

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