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Thaida Noorlander: a familiar face in the logistics sector

Thaida Noorlander is an indispensable part of Akomar's RO/RO department. Since she started at Akomar 26 years ago, Thaida has been involved in everything that rolls and drives. She still finds satisfaction in her work. "Every day brings new challenges, and that's what makes the job so enjoyable." 

An unexpected career move
At 18, Thaida entered the logistics sector through a friend. In her early years, she worked at a shipping company, where she met Hennie, who was a client at the time. "Hennie noticed my way of working and wanted me to come work at Akomar," says Thaida. Switching jobs was difficult, but the new opportunities at Akomar convinced her. Hennie, now 75, still works at Akomar. "We're just really great colleagues," she laughs.

Specialist in RO/RO
In her role in the RO/RO department, Thaida handles everything that rolls and drives, from bookings to customer inquiries. The challenges arising from various factors, such as increasing competition, are not shied away from by the RO/RO department. "We find the investigative work the most fun. No dossier is the same, and that's what makes RO/RO so exciting."

The personal touch
What makes Akomar personal, according to Thaida, is the direct contact. "Customers can always reach us and always get someone personally on the line. We also work a lot with private individuals, which involves a lot of personal contact," she explains. "At Akomar, we really try to find everything out and we are always there to help, even when things don't go well. We look for solutions not only within RO/RO but also beyond," she adds. 

A pleasant workplace
When asked how she finds Akomar as a workplace, we receive a glowing response. "In 26 years, I've never gone to work reluctantly." Akomar has always been a smaller company over the years. There is a core team that has been there for a long time. "We can work very hard together, but we also ensure sufficient relaxation." Every week, a group from Akomar plays padel, and on Friday afternoons they eat together. "It's just a really fun and pleasant company," Thaida emphasizes.

Valuable memories
Thaida has built many beautiful memories in her 26 years at Akomar. "We've made it a sport to go on a trip with the women every few years to cities like London, Barcelona, and Florence," she says. The long-standing client relationships are also special to her. "The trust that customers have had in us all these years feels good. The fact that we have had the same clients for 25 years says something about our way of working, I think."

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