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The always positive jack-of-all-trades at Akomar: Jeroen Kuiper

Joyfulness to the maximum, a positive spirit, and a true jack-of-all-trades: Jeroen Kuiper cannot be described in just one word. From the moment he stepped over the threshold at Akomar fifteen years ago, it felt like coming home. From a groupage expert to a jack-of-all-trades; Jeroen has helped build every department within Akomar. The secret behind his success? "Live day by day."

A day in the life of Jeroen
When we ask what a day in Jeroen's life looks like, he doesn't need a second to think. "Very cozy." He adds: "Come and join me for a day!" Because he performs so many functions, he does something different every single day. That makes the work diverse and challenging. As a guardian of the quality of their service thanks to their AEO certification, Jeroen doesn't mind jumping in the car for work or helping out in other departments. This diversity is what drives him; he never gets bored. 

From interior designer to logistics jack-of-all-trades
Jeroen's path to Akomar was not without its struggles. In interior design at the art academy and at the kitchen company where he worked, he could not find his groove. Multiple shoulder injuries also made performing physical work difficult. All in all, a combination of circumstances led him to Akomar. "I just sent an open application and was invited for an interview the next day," Jeroen recalls. That same afternoon, he was offered a job. Since then, Jeroen has found his groove!

Akomar as home base
Ask Jeroen about his work and a smile appears on his face. "It's just really fun here," he says. The camaraderie continues even after work. They visit each other's homes, often go into the city together, or to Feyenoord matches. Jeroen proudly says, "I've known the people working here since day one. That employees are so loyal says a lot about the company." The work atmosphere is very important. When hiring new colleagues, not only qualities but also personality is heavily considered.

Going the extra mile
Akomar's approach to customer service is special. "We always try to offer the sharpest prices, but there are so many things more important than money. We show customers that we keep our promises and that we provide excellent service. That's where we excel," Jeroen explains. The personal contact and the effort to always go the extra mile are the core of Akomar's customer relationships.

Sitting still in the port is not an option
The logistics sector is constantly on the move, something Jeroen and Akomar are very aware of. Jeroen explains, "Last year we were very innovative by teaming up with a marketing agency. The desire to do more with marketing and sales was always there, but we simply didn't get around to it ourselves." Work in the port continues at full speed, but capacity has dropped to just 30% recently. Getting all containers on board and serving customers well is the top priority at Akomar. "We have to pull out all the stops," Jeroen states, referring to the need to stay proactive in a changing market.

A day without pleasure is not a well lived day
Whatever the future may bring, Jeroen lives from day to day. As he beautifully puts it himself: "I just try to have fun." But sitting still, that he does not do. "If hands are needed somewhere, I jump in, and if there's business somewhere, I get in the car and drive there."

Actions speak louder than words
When we ask about Jeroen's fondest memory at Akomar, he can't choose. "I have about 100," he laughs. They not only make plans, but they also really do them. From cozy trips to cities like Barcelona, Cologne, and Dublin to the moments at Feyenoord; for Jeroen, every outing feels like a weekend away with friends.

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