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For global chemical companies, accurate and reliable logistics are essential. Almost 40 years ago, Akomar and Servo took the first steps in their cooperation. Over time, Servo was acquired by Elementis, a well-known name in the industry. Since 2017, Akomar has also extended its services to Elementis branches in Cologne and New-Jersey. Peter van den Akker, responsible for all logistics processes within Elementis, shares his experiences about this long-term cooperation with Akomar.

The upward spiral
Meanwhile, Elementis ships about 75 containers per month via Akomar. Peter: "the partnership with Akomar started about 15 years ago with one location in the Netherlands. Since then the partnership has grown, with Akomar now providing a wide range of logistics services, including sea and air freight and door-to-door service for our global shipments."

"They serve as our primary freight forwarder, overseeing both physical logistics and handling all necessary documentation. We excel in our products, but they are the experts in logistics. They know everything about our products and know exactly what the documentation should look like. We trust that everything they handle, including documentation, customs procedures, and communication with carriers, is seamlessly taken care of.”

A world of diverse logistics challenges
As a global chemical company, Elementis faces a range of logistical challenges. From shipping dangerous goods to regular loads and items requiring freeze protection. "The logistics needs are diverse and demanding. Akomar is our go-to to address these challenges effortlessly."

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Reliability over price
Peter emphasizes that while there may be cheaper options, Elementis prefers Akomar because of its reliability, proactivity and personal touch. For instance, they might say, "You need to follow this procedure, or else you'll end up spending excessively," or "Otherwise, the process will be significantly delayed." It's uncommon to encounter this level of proactive guidance from a typical freight forwarder. Many simply focus on moving shipments without prioritizing customer needs. However, with Akomar, it's a different story.”

 "Though relying entirely on one organization isn't ideal, ultimately, it's always Akomar that handles things for us. Even if a third party makes mistakes, Akomar steps in, rectifies the situation, and offers a solution. This level of service isn't something you typically receive from multinational corporations."

Adaptability and thinking forward
"Before the corona pandemic outbreak, Elementis was quite on the rise. Akomar capitalized on this by setting up a dedicated Elementis team that was working exclusively for us. This took away a lot of worries for us, because you know everything is taken care of down to the last detail. They actively collaborate with us, foresee future developments, and foster a close relationship where we frequently discuss what the upcoming quarter or six months holds for us." 

"With future expansion into Portugal, Peter sees Akomar as the exclusive partner. "If it goes through Akomar, it's reliable. They have the right mentality, are down-to-earth and we feel appreciated."

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