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The power of personal attention at Akomar

Akomar is known for its personalized approach and high-quality services. This method of working isn't just appreciated by customers; employees seem to value it as well. It's hardly surprising that Cynthia Visser will be celebrating her 30th anniversary with Akomar next year.

From administration to groupage expert

Cynthia has been part of the company since it started in May 1995. Customers and colleagues alike recognize her as the expert in Groupage Cargo, but this wasn't always the case. "I initially discussed joining as administrative staff, but soon I was assisting with our 'Bico line' groupage department. Over the years, I've learned everything," Cynthia explains. Her responsibilities encompass the entire process, from creating quotes and arranging transportation to invoicing. "That's what I enjoy most because it allows me to handle the whole process."

A Cliché: no day is the same
A typical workday for Cynthia? It doesn't exist. Each day is unpredictable and full of challenges. What you plan to start in the morning might completely change due to the day's hectic nature. "There's so much variation, which makes it very exciting," she says. The personal contact and service provided by Akomar often bring customers back. "Things can go wrong occasionally, but it's highly appreciated when we proactively resolve them." Therefore, maintaining contact with customers is crucial.

Where customers are king, problems disappear
Cynthia believes Akomar's strength lies in resolving issues that may arise with shipping carriers, ensuring customers aren't affected by them. Personal contact with customers is crucial in this regard. "At Akomar, customers aren't just numbers," she emphasizes. "Everyone is always trying to be accessible, even well beyond standard office hours. This personal touch sets Akomar apart from the competition and motivates customers to return, even if our prices aren't always the lowest."

From Ridderkerk to Florence
"The sense of teamwork and the atmosphere within Akomar are characteristic of the pleasant working environment," Cynthia begins. "Akomar hosts an annual BBQ, where partners, children, and grandchildren are welcome. We also participate in the corporate tournament of the Ridderkerk korfball association KCR, of which we've been a loyal main sponsor for years. We involve partners and children in this as well." Whether it's paddling on Tuesday evenings, outings with the ladies to Florence, or the assurance that her work will be handled in her absence, it all contributes to the strong company culture. "There's always backup for each other," she adds.

Trip down memory lane
Over nearly thirty years, Cynthia has many memories of her time at Akomar. However, her fondest memory dates back to 2012 when she visited Jordan with Arjan. "From the very beginning, I've handled shipments to Aqaba in Jordan for our agents with whom I've worked for 29 years."

With a twinkle in her eyes, she continues: "Upon arrival, I was immediately welcomed with open arms, and the people were so grateful, hospitable, and sincere. We visited beautiful places and enjoyed delicious food. That trip was truly a unique experience."

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